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A 20 km enjoying road journey, experiencing varied tones of green on the valleys and spectacular view of Kusadasi gulf from the high mountains, reaches to Soke. The city is reputed for its immense agricultural lands.

Cotton, grains and olive are the most produced crops on the fertile areas of Soke. The city is also a crossroad to the touristic and historical places such as Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Didyma, Miletos and Priene.

Inhabited by many nations during the date, Soke mostly has the traces of Ottoman era. The two most important Ottoman mosques in the city are the attractive 19th century "Koca Mosque", remarkable for its baroque style, and "Haci Ziya Bey Mosque".

The walls of square plan constructed "Koca Mosque" are formed from pieced stone and brick. Flower designed altar and pulpit reveal much of the Ottoman aesthetic.

"Haci Ziya Bey Mosque" exemplifies characteristics of 19th century Ottoman architectural style both interiorly and exteriorly. The square planned main part is covered by a leaden dome. The congregation place of the mosque consists of three different sections.

The town's lively open air market, with a great variety of textile and fresh fruit & vegetable from the fertile lands of Soke, is becoming very busy and is visited by the exploring tourists during the summer time, on every Wednesday.










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