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Patmos Island


Aside from the mythological reference to Patmos as the place where Orestes sought refuge from the pursuit of the Furies, little is known about the early history of the island. According to the archeological evidence, it appears to have been inhabited from the 6th century BC at least.

Patmos Island - Greece
During the Hellenistic era and afterwards, it served as a place of exile, and it was here that St. John the Theologian was banished (95-97 AD) and wrote the Book of Revelations.
Patmos Island - Greece Until the 11th century, frequent pirates left the island virtually deserted. But subsequently under Byzantine and Venetian rule Patmos began to prosper economically and culturally. In the late 17th century the celebrated Theological College was founded here. Like all the other Dodecanese, Patmos was governed by Italy after the Turkish defeat of 1912 until 1945.

Patmos is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the Aegean. It possesses two principle settlements: Skala, the main port since 1600, whose snow-white house form a semi-circle around the sea; and the capital, Patmos or Hora, perched on a hill 3 km to the south. Here the houses are more impressive; many of them are grand neo-classical mansions.

Patmos Island - Greece
Patmos Island - Greece The most important monument on the island is situated in the central, highest point in the Hora. This is the monastery-fortress of St. John the Theologian founded in 1088. A Byzantine construction surrounded by crenellated walls, it contains one of the finest libraries in Greece, noted for its collection of rare manuscripts. The Treasury, too, has a wealth of valuable icons and liturgical vessels.
Between the two main villages lies the Cave of the Apocalypse, where the sacred text was composed. On Kastelli hill, near Skala, vestiges of the acropolis and ancient cemetery may be seen. A few tiny hamlets, their diminished populations due to the stony soil, are scattered about the island. There is, however, an abundance of lovely, quiet beaches, some sandy, some rather rocky (Kathisma tou Apollo, Grikas, Kallikatsou, Livadi Kaloyiran, Diakofti). Patmos Island - Greece
Patmos Island - Greece   The easiest way to reach them is by caique, which also make trips to the neighboring islets of Arki and Agathonisi. Despite daily visits by cruise ships, Patmos has surprisingly little tourist development and is a good place for a peaceful holiday.


  Take the ferry from Kusadasi to Samos then take the other ferry from Pythagorion to Patmos.

-Kindly note that we cruise from Kusadasi every Monday and Tuesday to Vathy Port and
 rest of the week to Pythagorion Port of Samos Island.


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