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Belevi Mausoleum

Belevi Mausoleum Situated 29km far from Kusadasi, Belevi Mausoleum is reputed for its being the second largest and highest tomb house of Ancient Anatolia, thought to be belonged to Hellenistic era.

The largest and the highest Hallicarnassos, one of the seven wonders of Ancient world, is located in Bodrum - on the south western corner of Turkey.

The unearthed pieces give a clear idea that the total height of Belevi Mausoleum is about 23 meters, except the roof.

The marvelous construction was once consisted of a podium section in 11,37 meters high. The square planned podium was supported by the columns on four sides and was covered with the massive blocks.

Belevi Mausoleum
Three steps of crepidoma at the bottom reaches to the entrance of the podium. On the crepidoma, is the decorated podium wall.
Belevi Mausoleum A Doric styled peristalsis decorates the podium with the eight columns on four sides. The descriptions of funeral games and centauromachin on the relieves, ornament the 24 cassettes of the ceiling.

The real sized statues of a lion and griffon on the tip of the roof are now displayed in Izmir and Ephesus Museum.










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