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The sanctuary of Asclepios at Epidaurus is a spiritual place worth traveling around the world to visit! In fact the ancient Greeks did just that in order to pay tribute to their spiritual entities in the face of Asclepios, and to ask the gods for remedies for their physical ailments. It was a healing center as well as a cultural center in ancient times. Epidaurus, Greece - Athens Package Programs
Epidaurus, Greece - Athens Package Programs Epidaurus was built round the 3d Century BC and it is adorned with a multitude of buildings most famous of which is the ancient Theater of Epidaurus. This is one of the very few theaters that retains its original circular "Orchestra" and it is a rear aesthetic sight. During Roman occupation of Greece, most theater "Orchestras" were changed from a circle to a semicircle but luckily
The Theater at Epidaurus escaped intact. The theater is still in use today with frequent plays, concerts, and festivals. There is a small museum on site worth visiting for the statues and replicas it contains. The ruins sanctuary of Asclepios is an extended archaeological site with many interesting buildings and a newly excavated stadium. Epidaurus, Greece - Athens Package Programs
Epidaurus, Greece - Athens Package Programs The most interesting building is by far the Tholos that unfortunately must be experienced by some distance since archaeologists are working on restoring it.


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